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Divide EDM into three



💙 Blue #BlueLane
💜 Purple #PurpleLane
💚 Green #GreenLane

v v v

💙 💜 💚

. . .
. . .
. . .

^ ^ ^

^ = Melodic, euphoric, uplifting, etc…

^ ^

^ = Heavy, hard, dark, intense, raw, etc…


^ = Chill, deep, relaxing, soft, passive, etc…

You can take almost any genre or artist, and they are dividable into these 3.

It’s a way to label by vibe and not just rhythm and “sound”.

3 lanes

For every EDM song ever.

It’s a simple system, just tag your tracks and you’re in.


What is house?

What is dubstep?

What is drum and bass?

Uplifting/Euphoric? Dark/Intense? Deep/Chill?


# tag your own tracks and join us

(3) Three basic vibes.

💙#BlueLane = Melodic, euphoric, uplifting… (EDM: Mostly focused on melody/vibe) Light

💜#PurpleLane = Heavy, dark, intense, hard, raw… (EDM: Mostly focused on sound/pressure) Dark

💚#GreenLane = Chill, deep, relaxing, passive… (EDM: Mostly focused on atmosphere/depth) Deep

“house bluelane”?

“house purplelane”?

“hardstyle bluelane”?

“hardstyle purplelane”?

“purplelane old school beats”?

S o u n d s G o o d ?

Electronic Dance Music


# tag your tracks